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Anecdote: Curiosity

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A student gets a shock for their curiosity in one of Marilyn Cherry's classes

I am a fifth grade teacher from Nevada, U.S.A. I teach at a year-round school.

The school has 12 lifeskills. We focus on a lifeskill each week and teach character lessons relating to that lifeskill. Each marking period, each teacher hands out certificates to two students who have exemplified a lifeskill during that period. Last year, I gave one of my students - I'll call him 'J' - a certificate for the lifeskill of 'curiosity'. Let me tell you why.

During a math lesson on fractions, I used the overhead projector. After demonstrating 'halves' and 'wholes', I turned the projector off and walked back to my desk for handouts. After the students had completed the handouts, I had planned to return to the overhead for closure. While walking around the class, checking student's work, 'J' decided to cut through the cord on the overhead projector.

It took him some time, (they are thick). As I started towards the projector, it blew. It knocked 'J' off his seat and smoke and sparks shot up. Needless to say, I was petrified. The students were terrified. 'J' was lying on the floor. By the time I got to him, he was on his feet, smelling of smoke. I rushed him to the nurse's office. He was ok. His mother was called. A doctor checked him and asked him whyhe had done it. He said he was curious to see what would happen if he cut the wire. So, needless to say, he received the award for curiosity. Now, I always move my projector, whether I am finished with it or not, and I keep any handout with me.

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