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Anecdote: Catchy tune

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Stacy Flint doesn't have to use much musical knowledge to help one student out in this amusing little anecdote

I teach at an Intensive English Program at a university. Every fall we have a heritage festival. The festival is held in mid-November and includes a craft bazaar. I was walking through the bazaar one afternoon with two young men from the Middle East.

We stopped where four ladies were playing the hammered dulcimer, a stringed instrument indigenous to the Appalachian Mountains. One of my students was amazed at the sound and started asking me about the song being played.

'Oh Stacy, what is the name of that song, that is the most beautiful song I have ever heard, help me buy it, do you think we can find it?'

'I think,' I replied, 'that we can easily find that song so that you can listen to it forever.'

'Really! That's great, tell me the name.'

'The name of that song,' said I, 'is 'Jingle Bells'.'

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