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Sweet students

A selection of your classroom anecdotes involving sweet and kind students.

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  • Anecdote: Body parts

    Author: Viviana Caro Type: Anecdote

    One day I was teaching a children's class and I was talking about the body parts when a boy asked me about the penis; his question was in Spanish so he wanted to learn how to say it in English, so he used a familiar name to called it, he called it "pirulín" in Spanish.

  • Anecdote: Broken bones

    Author: Karina Debard Type: Anecdote

    Whenever I come across a puny boy with his arm or leg in a plaster cast, I can't help thinking of Agustín. He was one of my students in 6th form three years ago. From the very beginning he stood out from all the rest due to his proneness to all sorts of minor accidents and illnesses and, as a result, he was always either having time off school or displaying a seemingly endless succession of bruises, scratches, cuts, old and recent scars and every kind of medicine available to the common ...

  • Anecdote: Going for a ride

    Author: Cristiana Andrade Type: Anecdote

    At the old times of audio-lingual classes, about 15 years ago, I had a group of 4 young girls and a 30-year-old man. I had to teach the verb "to take a ride". Students would repeat a model sentence 3 times and then as a practice moment, I had to ask them questions and have them ask each other questions to practice the interrogatives and negatives. I asked the girls who they would take a ride with and they answered with Tom Cruise and other famous, charming actors. When I asked the only ...

  • Anecdote: Happy students

    Author: Bob Mudford Type: Anecdote

    After I had been teaching English for a couple of years I was asked by a school to take over the running of their brand new computer assisted language learning centre in addition to my normal teaching duties. I suppose the job sounds quite grand but was, in fact, fifteen computers in an airless room.

  • Anecdote: Imposing discipline

    Author: Dana Type: Anecdote

    I used to teach in a higher secondary school where classes of much younger lower - secondary students had been introduced for the first time. The adjustment to the different age-related requirements were extremely hard for my colleagues, who had been teaching 15-18 year olds all their lives.

  • Anecdote: Never too old to learn, never too young to teach

    Author: Claire Venables Type: Anecdote

    A few years ago I was teaching English to a wonderful group of 4 year olds. I was very proud of the progress we were making, and of the fact that I never used L1 in the classroom. A month into the course we had a new girl join our group. Her reaction to this English environment was both surprising and amusing.

  • Anecdote: Such sweet children

    Author: Cormac O'Brien Type: Anecdote

    I was teaching in an Italian Summer School in South West Wales recently and one day one of the children asked me why I had not gone to a BBQ that the Italians threw for the teachers.

  • Anecdote: Teacher training: final test

    Author: Tammara Leites Type: Anecdote

    This is my anecdote, I don't really know whether it is funny or sad, I guess it's just plain sweet.

  • Anecdote: Young love

    Author: Ana Beatriz Type: Anecdote

    I was in charge of a group of students aged six to seven years old. Martin was a sweet blonde boy who every afternoon went to the bus stop with me. When I took the bus, he said goodbye and left. In class he was gentle and a good student, of course. He went for chalks, he looked for a new duster, whatever I need he was always ready to help. One afternoon, we were both walking to the bus stop as usual (he was carrying my books) and I asked him why he didn't go home to have tea or just ...

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