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Sweet students

A selection of your classroom anecdotes involving sweet and kind students.

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  • Anecdote: Body parts

    Author: Viviana Caro Type: Anecdote

    Viviana Caro encounters one young learner who brings new meaning to the phrase, 'show and tell'!

  • Anecdote: Broken bones

    Author: Karina Debard Type: Anecdote

    Karina Debard tells us about one extremely accident-prone young student.

  • Anecdote: Going for a ride

    Author: Cristiana Andrade Type: Anecdote

    Christiana Andrade's student takes a bold liberty in class.

  • Anecdote: Happy students

    Author: Bob Mudford Type: Anecdote

    An anecdote about why you should never push for more compliments from your students from Bob Mudford

  • Anecdote: Imposing discipline

    Author: Dan Humm Soriano Type: Anecdote

    Dana feels bad when her strict approach goes a little too far.

  • Anecdote: Never too old to learn, never too young to teach

    Author: Claire Venables Type: Anecdote

    Claire Venables tells us an anecdote about the first day of one of her young learners

  • Anecdote: Such sweet children

    Author: Cormac O'Brien Type: Anecdote

    Cormac O'Brien's students get confused by his reference to a medical drama.

  • Anecdote: Teacher training: final test

    Author: Tammara Leites Type: Anecdote

    Tammara Leities' first demo class is saved by those rarest of things, a sympathetic teens class

  • Anecdote: Young love

    Author: Ana Beatriz Type: Anecdote

    I was in charge of a group of students aged six to seven years old. Martin was a sweet blonde boy who every afternoon went to the bus stop with me. When I took the bus, he said goodbye and left. In class he was gentle and a good student, of course. He went for chalks, he looked for a new duster, whatever I need he was always ready to help. One afternoon, we were both walking to the bus stop as usual (he was carrying my books) and I asked him why he didn't go home to have tea or just ...

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