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Anecdote: Stress

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Here, Linda Bawcom gives us this lovely little anecdote about stress.

Sometimes it's hard not to get all stressed-out from teaching. I remember one particular day, not long ago, a colleague walked in to the teacher's room and saw me madly dashing about trying to make photocopies, cue an audio and looking through some resource books for a good warm-up.

I must have looked very stressed out because she asked me what was going on. I breathlessly explained that I was trying to get ahead with my lesson planning because someone was going to have to sub for me the next day.

'Are you sick?' she asked worriedly.

'No, no, nothing like that,' I answered while still having my nose in a book, turning off the photocopier and finding the correct place on the audio. 'I've been asked to give a presentation.'

'On what?' she said.

'Stress management,' I replied.

At that moment, there was complete silence as we both just looked at each other for a few seconds and then burst out laughing.

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