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Stories for adults

A selection of your classroom anecdotes involving stories for adults.

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  • Anecdote: Annoying habits

    Author: Ben Hoyle Type: Anecdote

    I was teaching 'annoying habits with always' with 20-24-year-old pre-ints in the context of two neighbours with thin adjoining walls. One of the two neighbours was an old lady (Mrs. X), and the other was a young guy (Steve) who had just moved in. Mrs. X had lived there for years and thought that Steve was a no good lay-about who had an unmarried living partner (actually his sister), loud parties and a bad job because he didn't wear nice clothes and came home late. I set up a role play ...

  • Anecdote: How clever illustrations can help in class

    Author: David Riley Type: Anecdote

    This didn't happen to me - it happened to a friend of mine. He's now a well-known course book author, so I won't mention his name. Let's call him Dave. 

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