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Anecdote: The teacher Olympian

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As they say, 'pride goes before a fall' for Luiz Schibelbain

I went to the classroom greeting all the students in the corridor, as usual, feeling very happy because I was going to teach my teenage students a lesson on the topic of 'can' talking about 'abilities'. I had prepared an activity called 'The Olympian', in which the students had to challenge one another by asking questions starting with, 'Can you ... ?'

The activity began and most students asked ordinary questions, such as, 'Can you throw the pen into the dustbin?' ,  'Can you jump one meter high?' ,  'Can you run ten kilometers?', etc. However, the question they asked me was, 'Can you jump over the desk?'

I looked at the desk and thought that wouldn't be such a difficult thing to do, so I accepted the challenge and off I went! The room was quite big, so I put the chair in the middle of it, went to one corner, ran and jumped! All my students applauded me. It was very nice. The bell rang, class dismissed!

The following class was of the same level, so same subject, same competition. No-one challenged me, but I challenged them. I asked them if they thought I could jump over the desk. They said that it was impossible for me to do that. I told them that I could do it but they had to give me a box of chocolates.There I went, same chair, same run... oops, my foot hit the desk and I fell onto the floor and the desk onto me. All my students were worried and scared.

I moaned, 'Aren't you going to clap?'

And they all laughed at a bruised teacher. On the following day the entire school knew about that. They brought me the box of chocolates anyway.

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