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Role reversals

A selection of your classroom anecdotes involving student-teacher role reversals.

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  • Anecdote: Learning important tricks

    Author: Anna Thorby Type: Anecdote

    I'm a teacher of English in a primary school but I still study at university. One day I made a test for my pupils and later the same day I was to take a difficult exam, which made me a little absent-minded. While the children were taking the test I glanced nervously at my notes. They noticed my nervousness and asked what was going on. So I told them about the exam. Then, all of a sudden they started to pull out various crib sheets from their pencil cases, pockets, even from shoes and ...

  • Anecdote: The teacher Olympian

    Author: Luiz Schibelbain Type: Anecdote

    I went to the classroom greeting all the students in the corridor, as usual, feeling very happy because I was going to teach my teenage students a lesson about CAN - ABILITIES. I had prepared an activity: The Olympian, in which we had to challenge one another by questioning them, "Can you ... ?" Most students asked ordinary questions, such as, "Can you throw the pen into the dustbin? Can you jump one meter high? Can you run 10 kilometers?", etc.; however, for me, the question was, "Can ...

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