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Anecdote: Where did you learn to speak like that?

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A funny anecdote from Sally Dunn

One day, a keen young Chinese student arrived at our 'Restaurant Workers' class. He smiled shyly and said :

'Hello!' in a funny little voice.

When he continued to introduce himself in the same funny little voice, I actually thought he was teasing. But as the weeks passed and he continued to address us in this strangulated little voice, I began to muse on the person he could have picked this up from and to wonder about his previous teacher on whom he must have modelled his speaking style. Then, at last, he revealed his source.

Out of his pocket came a small, tinny electronic Mandarin-English dictionary, which of-course, voices the vocabulary items. He had built up his entire repertoire from this wonderful little machine. He has a lovely sonorous voice now - but I still jump sometimes when the little table-top comedian gives us another word.

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