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Pronunciation problems

A selection of your classroom anecdotes involving pronunciation problems or misunderstandings.

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  • Anecdote: Bear, bare, beer

    Author: Gail Mair Type: Anecdote

    The perils of pronunciation cause much mirth for some of Gail Mair's students

  • Anecdote: Cheating

    Author: Margaret Bell Type: Anecdote

    Margaret Bell's students come a cropper with the sh and ch sounds.

  • Anecdote: Erotic

    Author: Hazel Slinn Type: Anecdote

    Hazel Slinn gets deceived by a cheeky student.

  • Anecdote: Going solo

    Author: Patricia Renou Type: Anecdote

    Patricia Renou delivers a Christmas cracker of an anecdote that had the onestopenglish team singing along to a catchy Christmas classic …

  • Anecdote: My perfect partner

    Author: Angus McFarlane Type: Anecdote

    Angus McFarlane shares a wonderful anecdote that left us asking... was this a Freudian slip?

  • Anecdote: Peace and quiet

    Author: Catherine Hutin Type: Anecdote

    Catherine Hutin shares her winning anecdote about a confusing pronunciation mistake.

  • Anecdote: Pronouncing 'Th'

    Author: Brian O'Flaherty Type: Anecdote

    The 'th' sound appears to cause problems for one of Brian O'Flaherty's students

  • Anecdote: Rhyming slang

    Author: Anonymous Type: Anecdote

    Getting first letters wrong leads to an embarrassing mistake for one student.

  • Anecdote: Speak no evil

    Author: Cathy Eggleston Type: Anecdote

    Cathy Eggleston shares a winning anecdote about the difficulties of dealing with a silent student and overcoming the problem by learning some Vietnamese!

  • Anecdote: The beach

    Author: Anna Thorby Type: Anecdote

    Every summer at our local High School in New Zealand, we have 'Beach Sports,' a day spent at the beach swimming, playing volleyball, kayaking and just having fun. To get my students involved I spent a lot of time discussing the vocabulary associated with ...

  • Anecdote: The importance of properly pronouncing “th”

    Author: Michaela Pavon Type: Anecdote

    Michaela Pavon on why pronunciation can sometimes be a bit of a mouseful.

  • Anecdote: Where did you learn to speak like that?

    Author: Sally Dunn Type: Anecdote

    A funny anecdote from Sally Dunn

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