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Anecdote: The war arriving in class

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I used to live in a poor village and the "heating system" of the school was a stove in each classroom. In those days the most important and current event was "the Gulf war" between the USA and Iraq. As Turkey is a neighbouring country to Iraq, we were also scared. Anyway we had a very very strict and serious teacher of Turkish at the school. He was very charismatic and the students were all afraid of him very much. On a cold winter day we had played soccer and our ball had gotten wet, so we put it next to the stove to get dry again. The lesson was Turkish and the "charismatic" teacher was again serious and looked as if he were the king of our poor village. A few minutes later the air inside the ball expanded because of the extreme heat and the ball exploded with a dreadful noise like a bomb. We were shocked and didn't know what to do until he screamed saying "Go out, go out immediately, oh God this is the war, we will all die". But in few seconds we got the truth and were laughing with great joy, except someone; the poor teacher ...

From Turkey

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