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Anecdote: Mom knows more than the teacher

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Luanne Siliamaa's student takes something said by his mother literally!

I am an American teaching English in a primary school in Finland.

I'm sure you will recall the controversial vote counting during presidential elections in the USA. Media coverage concerning the fiasco went on for days, and the whole world was left to wonder which candidate was winning. It just happened that during that time I was drilling a class of first graders in English numbers up to ten. We had been at it a while when one little boy very seriously asked me if I really was, in fact, an American. I replied affirmatively, but seeing that he was somehow troubled, I asked him why he wanted to know. He then responded that his mother had been watching the news on TV the previous night, and she had declared that Americans don't know how to count.

I suppose that he believed his mother enough to doubt my ability to count to ten in my mother tongue!

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