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Outside world

A selection of your anecdotes talking about the outside world coming into the classroom.

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  • Anecdote: An outsider in the classroom

    Author: Mohamed Miled Type: Anecdote

    It happened at the beginning of my teaching career. I was teaching then at a private school at the opening of a school year in the late eighties. I was with a class of young people aged between 19 and 22 - this was the usual age range for students in the final (seventh) grade of the secondary cycle. No adult students were expected to attend-except on very scarce occasions. Five  minutes after I began the session I noticed two silhouettes through the window. One was the headmaster and ...

  • Anecdote: Mom knows more than the teacher

    Author: Luanne Siliämaa Type: Anecdote

    I am an American teaching English in a primary school in Finland. I'm sure you will recall the controversial vote counting during the last presidential elections in the USA. Media coverage concerning the fiasco went on for days, and the whole world was left to wonder which candidate was winning. It just happened that during that time I was drilling a class of first graders in English numbers up to ten. We had been at it a while when one little boy very seriously asked me if I really ...

  • Anecdote: Speak English at all times

    Author: Assia Boulkroun Type: Anecdote

    I teach English in Algiers, Algeria. Last year when I was teaching Intermediate class in the evening from 18:00 to 20:00. At 19:40 an earthquake happened. I didn't feel it because I was standing up but the students felt it as they were sitting down. I told them to go under tables and not to panic because there were 15 of us and the door was closed.

  • Anecdote: The war arriving in class

    Author: Sedat Aykal Type: Anecdote

    I used to live in a poor village and the "heating system" of the school was a stove in each classroom. In those days the most important and current event was "the Gulf war" between the USA and Iraq. As Turkey is a neighbouring country to Iraq, we were also scared. Anyway we had a very very strict and serious teacher of Turkish at the school. He was very charismatic and the students were all afraid of him very much. On a cold winter day we had played soccer and our ball had gotten wet, ...

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