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Anecdote: Dark nights

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A creepy encounter with a student has Cvetka Matic fearing for her safety

It happened fifteen years ago when I was teaching boys aged 16-18. They were not very good at languages, and I could understand that as they wanted to become good mechanics and that was all. It wasn't easy for me, but I tried hard and I got the feeling that at least some of them were beginning to like my lessons.

However, there was one boy whose ironic comments and icy cold expression in the eyes made me feel uneasy. Once he got a bad grade. He said nothing about it during the lesson, so I felt somehow relieved.

The lesson was over and I thought that everybody had gone home. When I was about to leave I saw him. I had had lessons in the afternoon. It was around 7 pm and I suppose I was the last one still there in school. He was calm, there was a kind of half-smile on his face. There was a moment of silence, and afterwards he said this very slowly, somehow softly:


He didn't wait for my answer, just turned round and went away.

Nothing terrible happened to me that year, but I could never walk home from school without being afraid. It took me a lot of time to get over this fear, but I'll never forget those terrible words, spoken to me when there was noone there to protect me.

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