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Anecdote: Cruel student

Type: Anecdote

Ryszard Butkiewicz's student claps back with a funny, if inappropriate, response.

I am not exactly sure how to classify the story that happened to me the other day.

Now that I think of it, it seems a bit nightmarish. I was teaching a 16-year-olds group. We were practising using 'may' and 'might' by means of short exchanges between the students such as:

Q:'Why did Kate come late for class yesterday?'.

A:'She might have overslept'.


Q:'Why is Tom yawning?'

A:'He may be tired.'

One of my students called Luke was asked a question by his neighbour:

'How come Paula knows so much about dinosaurs?

Here it must be said that Paula, who is a very good at biology, is not as slim as she would like to be. Let's face it - she is a bit overweight. Luke looked at her and said something that made me sit down:

'She may be one of them!'

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