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Brian Carney gives an hilarious anecdote about why students should never copy each others' homework

I teach 1st year English students at a University in South Korea. While most of them work hard, I have a few who always try to get away with as little work as possible. I had one male student who was considered as a very handsome and charming young man by everyone in his class, especially the girls.

The problem was that he had a very poor attitude towards learning English and did everything he could to avoid participating in the lessons and while I could never prove it, always copied his homework from other students. But his day of retribution finally came. I was checking everyone's homework and when I checked his, I noticed an answer that he had obviously copied. I said nothing to him and then started to review the homework by asking students to give their answers.

We finally reached the question I knew he had copied. I asked him the question,

'What do you wear on a formal occasion?'

He looked at his answer and proudly announced that he wore, 'a long black dress with a white blouse and colorful scarf.'

The reaction from the other students was immediate as they roared with laughter. He looked around quickly, obviously at the young lady he had copied his homework from and when she told him in Korean what he had said he turned very red and finally was so embarrassed that he left the room. When he came back a few minutes later, much to the delight of everyone in the class I told him,

'Next time you copy homework, make sure you copy from a male classmate instead of a female.'

The sad ending to this story is that he still received an F in the class.

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