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Not so sweet students

A selection of your classroom anecdotes involving not so sweet students.

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  • Anecdote: A horrible experience

    Author: Mirta Lopez Type: Anecdote

    It happened in a fourth year English class at a secondary school in my city. One of my students insulted me aloud during my "MODAL AUXILIARIES" grammar class ... I asked him to go out from the classroom and talk to the headmistress about his problem with me, nevertheless he continued insulting me. Once the class was over, I asked the headmistress to apply the school rules for his misbehaviour, but to our surprise he did not have any more chances for it since he was already 19 (20 being ...

  • Anecdote: Cross dresser

    Author: Brian Carney Type: Anecdote

    I teach 1st year English students at a University in South Korea. While most of them work hard, I have a few who always try to get away with as little work as possible. I had one male student who was considered as a very handsome and charming young man by everyone in his class, especially the girls.

  • Anecdote: Cruel student

    Author: Ryszard Butkiewicz Type: Anecdote

    I am not exactly sure how to classify the story that happened to me the other day. Now that I think of it, it seems a bit nightmarish. I was teaching a 16-year-olds group. We were practising using 'may' and 'might' by means of short exchanges between the students such as:

  • Anecdote: Dark nights

    Author: Cvetka Matic Type: Anecdote

    However, there was one boy whose ironic comments and his icy cold expression in the eyes made me feel uneasy. Once he got a bad grade. He said nothing about it during the lesson, so I felt somehow relieved.

  • Anecdote: Violent child

    Author: Hannah Cotterill Type: Anecdote

    I had a student when I was teaching in Colombia (in my first year of teaching) who was very violent. She used to attack me and other children all the time. If I wrote something on the board, she would run up and wipe it off (sometimes I had to write the same thing several times until she got bored). If I was reading a story she would throw herself at the book to try and rip it or crumple it up. If I told the others to ignore her she would run round the classroom, ripping at their hair, ...

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