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Grammar anecdotes

A selection of your classroom anecdotes involving grammar misunderstandings.

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  • Anecdote: Park life

    Author: Lydia Schrandt Type: Anecdote

    Lydia Schrandt wins the Teacher anecdotes competition with this tale of confusion over prepositions.

  • Anecdote: Today's subject is drawing

    Author: Maria Beatriz Cea Type: Anecdote

    I was practising the simple present tense with my 9 year old primary school students. I had asked them to write sentences about what they usually do after school, and five minutes later Ignacio brings his notebook to me. He had written, "after school play football", with a drawing of a ball next to it. So I said, "Ignacio, the subject is missing," (after school I play football). After a while, he brought me the notebook again, this time with the sentence unchanged, but with a drawing ...

  • Anecdote: Walking the dog

    Author: Z Aziz Type: Anecdote

    This amusing "got wrong end of the stick" incident happened in my adult EFL class. I was teaching the structure "have something done". After eliciting several good examples from students : in Britain you go to the hairdresser to have your hair cut, you go to the optician to have your eyes tested, you go to the photographer's studio to have your photo taken...One student who had lived in the USA said she had heard that people with busy lives "had their dogs walked" and asked whether ...

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