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Anecdote: Tremors

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Domingo Perez forgets her students in her first-day teaching anecdote.

Hello, My name is Domingo , I am an English teacher in Tacna Perú. Well, this is my anecdote:

It was my first day as a teacher. I was a student in the University yet I was replacing a teacher in a Girls' School. It was my first hour in class and I was a little nervous because the principal was very angry. It was a 1st Year Secondary School.

I was talking about vocabulary (Objects in the Classroom) when suddenly a tremor occurred just as I was at the climax of my class. We were on the second floor and all the little girls were crying and shouting. I remember now that I was one of the first persons to get out onto the patio. But I had forgotten my students!

I won't ever forget that. But now, five years later, I know what to do and how to behave in an earthquake.

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