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Anecdote: First day with a twist

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An alarming first day for Julia Wadowska

My first day at school, with me as a teacher of course, was an 'unforgettable' experience. Now when I think of that I laugh, but believe me, that day I was far from laughing!

I remember how well I was prepared for my first lesson, with a good plan, an interesting topic... I was full of energy and hope. I walked into the classroom where thirty 11-year-olds were waiting for me. Children were looking at their new teacher with great interest. I greeted them and started asking typical questions: What’s your name? How old are you? etc...

Everyone was eager to answer, except one small boy who didn’t say a word, but only looked at me with anger. I walked then to the blackboard and wrote my name on it for the kids to remember. Suddenly everyone burst out laughing! I turned around not understanding what exactly happened, and then I heard barking coming from under the desk. I saw the small boy on the floor on all his fours, barking and growling, obviously getting ready to attack my leg! Everybody was laughing and I was standing there, paralysed! The whole lesson was of course ruined. Some time later I got to know that the boy was schizophrenic and that unfortunate day he didn’t take his medicine. Oh boy!

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