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Anecdote: First day slip up

Type: Anecdote

Evelina Miscin's first lesson starts with a bump!

It was my first working day in a very prestigious secondary school.

I was rather nervous. I was young and looked quite childish so many students pushed me in the corridor mistaking me for another student. I tried to look serious, checked all my buttons and my hair and bravely entered the classroom. Everybody stood up staring at me, trying to guess what kind of teacher I was - a good or a strict one?

Then, something terrible happened. There was some water on the floor and while I was walking towards my table, I slipped and fell down with all my books and other teacher's stuff. I felt terribly embarrassed and all the students were silent - they did not know what to do since they didn't know me.

I quickly stood up, collected my belongings completely red in the face and said:

'OK, it is not a good start, but I hope it will get better!'

Then, everybody laughed and we were ready to go on with our lesson.

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