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Anecdote: First day helper

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Nese Desnoyer's daughter comes to her rescue on her first day teaching

It is more than ten years ago now, but I’ll never forget my first day teaching. I am a Chemist but I had worked as a financial adviser in London.

After my marriage I came to France and had a daughter. I started looking for a job in vain. One day I saw a mother who said her daughter’s English teacher was leaving and there was nobody to replace her and she gave me the name of the person recruiting. I phoned and had the interview and she said, 'You start tomorrow,' and gave me the books and the address of the school.

I went there but the person who recruited me wasn’t there and the parents started leaving their children aged 5 and 6 and leaving. I said,

'Are you leaving me alone?'

They said,

'Of course, you are the teacher. What a stupid question!'

I was terrified. But I was a member of the English speaking community and was taking my daughter to the play groups. My daughter was 4 or 5 too and I had brought her along to the first lesson as I couldn’t organise a babysitter at such short notice. The children were sitting and looking at me and I didn’t know what to do.

But my daughter very calmly took her puppet rabbit out, started a puppet show and I carried on with that. The children loved it and then my daughter started singing and the children sang along. I was relaxed by then and I taught my class like a playgroup.

Thanks to my 5 year old daughter I succeeded in my first day teaching. Now I’m a very successful teacher, my daughter is 15 and I teach young teenagers. My daughter always inspired me how to teach, because she knows how she’d like to learn.

That was my first day!

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