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Anecdote: Demons

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A tale from AbuBakr Al-Haddad about why you should never judge someone by their appearance.

Most teachers agree that their first lesson is often unforgettable.

I remember getting into the class with the typical feelings of a beginner teacher; nervous, cautious, ten,etc. The school I taught my first lesson in was reputed to hold the most troublesome students in the city. With this in mind, my feelings were more nervous than they should have been, but I tried my best to pump myself with courage and went into the class. The first thing I did was take a glance at  the whole class. My eyes halted on a large student who drew most of my attention. He was sitting in the back row of the class with no one in front of him. He looked like a wrestler and his body was huge compared to mine. I thought it would be wise to leave that boy alone.

As soon as I started my lesson writing on the board, I heard some whistling from the back. I faced the students to find out who did it, but the class looked very quiet. I went on writing and the whistling went on. Then I stopped my lesson to tackle this problem because I believed that if I lost control of the class from the beginning I wouldn’t be able to get it back. My suspicion went straight to the big boy but I did not dare to speak to him to avoid a clash. I continued my investigation using all my techniques but avoiding the big boy! To my surprise, the big boy was innocent and a small boy was the source of trouble. Days went on and I discovered that the fearful big boy proved to be as innocent and quiet as a dove and the great source of trouble came from a group of small-sized students who became under control after some weeks. From that incident on, I realized that judging by appearance can often be wrong not only with students!

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