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First day teaching stories

A selection of your classroom anecdotes about the first day with a new class.

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  • Anecdote: A wild teacher!

    Author: Chip Small Type: Anecdote

    Chip Small shares his anecdote about teaching in Taiwan and unintentionally frightening a young student with his 'wild' appearance.

  • Anecdote: Cake

    Author: Anonymous Type: Anecdote

    An anecdote about why you should never eat cake in class.

  • Anecdote: Competing with the students

    Author: Ghassan Hasan Type: Anecdote

    A cautionary tale about why you should never play computer games in class, from Ghassan Hasan

  • Anecdote: Demons

    Author: AbuBakr Al-Haddad Type: Anecdote

    A tale from AbuBakr Al-Haddad about why you should never judge someone by their appearance.

  • Anecdote: First day helper

    Author: Nese Desnoyer Type: Anecdote

    Nese Desnoyer's daughter comes to her rescue on her first day teaching

  • Anecdote: First day slip up

    Author: Evelina Miscin Type: Anecdote

    Evelina Miscin's first lesson starts with a bump!

  • Anecdote: First day with a twist

    Author: Julia Wadowska Type: Anecdote

    An alarming first day for Julia Wadowska

  • Anecdote: First test

    Author: Inara Couto Type: Anecdote

    Inara Couto tells us about her memorable first day, back in 1978.

  • Anecdote: Tremors

    Author: Domingo Perez Type: Anecdote

    Domingo Perez forgets her students in her first-day teaching anecdote.

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