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First day teaching stories

A selection of your classroom anecdotes about the first day with a new class.

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  • Anecdote: A wild teacher!

    Author: Chip Small Type: Anecdote

    Chip Small shares his anecdote about teaching in Taiwan and unintentionally frightening a young student with his 'wild' appearance.

  • Anecdote: Cakes

    Author: Anonymous Type: Anecdote

    It was my first full time job as a teacher in a Catholic High School in Riverside, California. I had just come back from a visit to Madrid, Spain, where I was born, and I was enthusiastic about teaching my language.

  • Anecdote: Competing with the students

    Author: Ghassan Hasan Type: Anecdote

    I still remember the first day in one private school in Jordan. It was a funny experience for me. I was interested and enthusiastic to teach English to adults students. It was a listening class where I have to take the students to the computer lab. I took the key from the principal and informed him that we had a listening class. In the lab as usual I started with an introduction on how to use the computer. A little while later I noticed that two students were not paying any attention ...

  • Anecdote: Demons

    Author: AbuBakr Al-Haddad Type: Anecdote

    Most teachers share the fact that the first lesson of a teacher is often unforgettable.

  • Anecdote: First day helper

    Author: Nese Desnoyer Type: Anecdote

    After my marriage I came to France and had a daughter. I started looking for a job in vain. One day I saw a mother who said her daughter’s English teacher was leaving and there was nobody to replace her and she gave me the name of the person recruiting. I phoned and had the interview and she said you start tomorrow. And gave me the books and the address of the school.

  • Anecdote: First day slip up

    Author: Evelina Miscin Type: Anecdote

    It was my first working day in a very prestigious secondary school. I was rather nervous. I was young and looked quite childish so many students pushed me in the corridor mistaking me for another student. I tried to look serious, checked all my buttons, hair and bravely entered into the classroom. Everybody stood up staring at me, trying to guess what kind of teacher I was - a good or a strict one?

  • Anecdote: First day with a twist

    Author: Julia Wadowska Type: Anecdote

    My first day at school, with me as a teacher of course, was an “unforgettable” experience. Now when I think of that I laugh but believe me that day I was far from laughing! I remember how well I was prepared for my first lesson, a good plan, an interesting topic... I was full of energy and hope. I walked into the classroom where thirty 11-year-olds were waiting for me. Children were looking at their new teacher with great interest. I greeted them and started asking typical ...

  • Anecdote: First test

    Author: Inara Couto Type: Anecdote

    In 1978 I was 22 years old and had just come back to Brazil after 14 months in England, proudly holding my Cambridge Proficiency and RSA III certificates. After nervously and less than confidently undergoing a training course at one of the most prestigious language institutes in São Paulo, I was assigned a Level 1 evening class in one of their branches. I arduously strived to give decent classes to my 12 students, all of them older than I was at the time, and I fervently hoped they ...

  • Anecdote: Tremors

    Author: Domingo Perez Type: Anecdote

    Hello, My name is Domingo , I am an English teacher in Tacna Perú. Well this is my anecdote: It was my first day as a teacher, I was a student in the University yet, I was replacing a teacher in a Girls' School. It was my first hour in class and I was a little nervous because the principal was very angry. It was a 1st Year Secondary School.

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