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Anecdote: The joys of winter!

Type: Anecdote

A clothing-related anecdote from Ann Bataillard

As a student teacher some years ago, I was giving my first lessons in a secondary school, with several different classes throughout the day. It was a cold February and each morning I had to get up very early and walk a good distance to the market square, where a teacher from the school picked me up in his car to take me to the school. The day before, it had snowed quite heavily and overnight it had settled thickly on the ground so that this particular day I had to wear Wellington boots to make it through to the square.

Since all the teachers in the school dressed quite smartly, I felt obliged to do the same, so always wore a skirt, tights and a blouse or nice pullover.

Perhaps you have already imagined what happened to me that fateful day, but you can hopefully sympathise.... yes, I stupidly forgot to take my indoor high-heels and had to spend the whole day giving lessons in a smart skirt and Wellington boots!!

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