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Anecdote: Rogue underpants

Type: Anecdote

An embarrassing anecdote involving underpants from Andrew James

One morning I was giving a lesson to a - mercifully - small class. Turning from the board back to face the class, I caught sight of my underpants lying on the floor beside me. They were in full view of the class.

Acting fast, I picked them up; they appeared to be fresh and clean, and a rapid tour of my waistband told me that I actually was still fully underclad. I then realised what had happened: this being the first of a series of 8 o'clock lessons, in order to gain time in the morning I had laid clean underpants on my trousers before going to bed the previous night. The following morning, in the gloom, and forgetting my careful preparations, I seized a pair from the drawer and got dressed; the pants I had pre-prepared and forgotten were entrapped in the trousers, and had gradually worked their way down my leg.

I invited the class to discover by questions how the pants had ended up on the floor, but nobody guessed. But for questionnaires including 'What is your most embarrassing moment?' I have the answer!

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