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Vicky Lopez wears the wrong outfit to one new class.

Appearance is something I take great care of when I'm starting a new English group. I plan my outfit weeks before the class is due to begin, I choose the most appropriate suit, the right colour, the shoes, the bag, the jeans and T-shirt for adolescent groups and so on. It's just something that comes naturally to me; the way you dress can help you when want to give the best impression and win the students over by the end of the class!

So anyway, about ten days ago I was handed over my list of new students. Our registers have a space for their dates of birth, which are only completed if the students are under age. I read through the names and realised it was a kiddies group as their dates of birth made then 9 and 10 year olds. I did find it strange that the list had been handwritten (they normally come straight out of the computer) but I didn't give it that much importance.

Anyway, that's when I put my thinking cap on and eventually realised that the starting date was actually the first day of Spanish Carnival.

'Great! I thought. I'll use my teddy bear suit, bring in my box of cuddly toys and base my first class on animals and colours.'

I remember thinking that most kids dress up at carnival and they'd find it cute if their teacher was also in the carnival spirit.

And that's what I did, I arrived on the first Thursday of carnival, dressed as a cute little teddy bear, with my box of toys under my arm and my folder with the register inside it, in my left hand. I walked through the door quite happily... only to see the Director of Studies watching me completely astonished, in the company of a middle aged smart looking man in a suit. I smiled  at her and looked straight at her as she said:

'Good afternoon, Vicky, I would like to introduce you to Mr.Mendez, the Director of "XXXXXXX' who has organised the English course which you will be teaching today.'

I nearly died. But luckily, Mr. Mendez had an excellent sense of humour and started to giggle. The secretary then interrupted to apologise to me about having given me the wrong details for my new class. Unfortunately the computer had been re-programmed and had lost part of the school's vital information. That's why my register was handwritten!

Be careful! You never know what could await you in your next English class!

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