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Anecdote: Keeping up appearances

Type: Anecdote

Andrea Stoll shares an anecdote about some DVD confusion.

My students suggested watching some episodes from Keeping Up Appearances (a British comedy series) in class. I thought this was a great idea but decided to play only one episode and give them any difficult vocabulary to look at beforehand. As homework, every student had three new words to check and had to find a definition or an example sentence to present the words to the other students in the following lesson.

On the day, the students did a very good job in presenting the new words. There was one word which did not really make sense without the episode context. I therefore told the students to listen for this word when we watched the episode. I put in the DVD and in the main menu chose 'Episode 6' (in fact I accidently pressed the 'Episode 4' button). We started watching and it took me half the episode to realise that it was the wrong one (I had prepared the lesson two weeks earlier and, since I had watched all episodes before, it looked familiar to me). I then decided not to stop the DVD and the students still enjoyed the funny episode. But it was quite embarrassing afterwards since all the students had realised it was the wrong episode (none of the new words appeared).

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