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Anecdote: Hold on tight!

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An embrassing clothing malfunction happened to one unfortunate teacher.

I was teaching a mixed class of about 14 students aged 10-11 years old. I was demonstrating a board race and running from the students to the board quickly. In my enthusiasm, I failed to notice that my skirt was dangling precariously on my hips. I was in the middle of spelling something when I experienced the unthinkable. My skirt had fallen to the ground to expose a pair of legs, covered by thick, black woolly tights. To add extra interest for the kids, I had a massive whole in the tights stretching from the gusset to just above the knee.

As I had my back to them, I bent down, hauled the skirt back up and held in on with one hand, and carried on writing. When I composed myself sufficiently, I turned around. The girls were holding each other up and giggling while the boys just stared in disbelief.

The rest is sort of hazy but I think I handed out board pens and shouted GO!. Mercifully, this was the last activity of the day and I said goodbye to the kids but managed not to catch anyone's eye as they left.

I wandered into the staffroom, almost in tears and slightly hysterical and was asked if I was laughing or crying. I'm still not sure.

My big fear was the next class and the kids reaction. They were great and didn't seem to react or remember at all but in the back of their mind I'm sure they were wondering what my next trick was.

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