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Anecdote: High kicks in Tajikistan

Thanks to Kevin McCaughey for sharing this unforgettable anecdote that is every teacher's worst nightmare!

I was doing teacher training in the Central Asian Republic of Tajikistan. My roomful of teachers – all female but one – was reserved. These teachers got few visiting native speakers, and they feared that their language was unpolished and their methodology behind the times. 

To lighten the mood while we listened to a song, I did a little dance, too exuberantly I suppose, and a high leg kick split my pants wide open at the crotch. A few teachers laughed outright. Others were embarrassed for me. I was rushed by the only male teacher out of the building, into a taxi, and to my hotel. 

When I returned, newly trousered, the teachers seemed more willing to participate. Even if they weren’t exactly confident, they figured that they were unlikely – comparatively speaking – to make fools of themselves.

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