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Anecdote: Drinking on the job

Type: Anecdote

An overheard sentence leads to an hilarious comeback for Anna Kruk.

My students are notable lawyers from a law firm in Lima, Peru. They are usually very serious and professional, but not during our classes.

Yesterday they were supposed to practise a dialogue about the best and the worst trip they have ever had. I listened to them carefully to catch the mistakes, but as they practised in pairs I had to be everywhere.

Suddenly, I heard one of them saying to his partner: 'I always be drunk!'

Of course my teacher's ear couldn't stand such an offence and I corrected him, 'I am always drunk, Juan', to what he responded: 'Oh, you too???'

What happened later is obvious, I guess. Everybody laughed out loud, including me! Of course, I am never drunk... And especially not in the class! I really enjoy this job.

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