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Anecdote: Did she do the exam or not?

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An anedcdote by Jane Roberts on the importance of proper pronunciation.

As the co-ordinator of EFL programmes at the school where I work, I am involved in interviewing and placing students as part of the registration and enrolment procedure.

Late one evening, a young man came into the school and recognising his face but not his name I realised that he was a former student of the school. Deciding that it was better to pretend to remember exactly who he was, I started my usual spiel.

All was going well until I started speaking about the Cambridge First Certificate Exam which is known in Greece as The Lower. The student, Giannis, proceeded to tell me that he hadn't taken the exam last year because his mother did. 'Did what?' I asked.

'She did.' said Giannis.

Not understanding why his mother taking the exam would prevent him from sitting it I decided to ask, 'Did she do the Lower?'

'No, She did.' was again his reply.

'Where did she do it?' I asked.

'In the kitchen.'

Puzzled how she could take an official exam in her kitchen, I asked 'Is she doing it now?'

'No she did.'

'What did she do?'

'She did.'

And so we continued, round and round until a few questions later, it dawned on me. 'Oh she died!' I exclaimed as the floor opened up to swallow me up.

Hope you cringe along with me.

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