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Anecdote: Cut up about homework

Type: Anecdote

An embrassing anecdote from Hillary Leben.

When I started teaching, some of my friends were surprised. They thought I'd be able to put my creativity to good use, but that my organisational skills were so lacking that I might run into problems. Inevitably, I did.

It was my first month teaching, and I was teaching teenagers. I had given homework and hounded my students to turn it in to me. There was one particularly motivated student who I could tell had worked really hard on the homework and I was pleased.

The next day when I was planning the class, I was cutting up some paper to use as conversation cards for a game. I was busy cutting away when suddenly I realised that I had cut up one of my student's homework! To make things worse, the homework belonged to that student who always tried really hard! I had to tape it all up again and pass it back to the student. What a flake! He looked at me like, 'What is WRONG with you?'

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