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Anecdote: Amnesiacs

Type: Anecdote

John Routledge's class of students turn a class game back on him.

An embarrassing thing happened to me when I was introducing an activity which I call 'Amnesiac' to my class of Thai teenagers.

I wrote 'Amnesiac' on the board and asked if anyone knew what it meant. To my surprise, one of my students gave me a pretty good definition and even added the fact that you're more likely to be an amnesiac the older you get. I carried on with the explanation of the activity, which basically involves the students getting into groups of three or four with one of them being the amnesiac. The amnesiacs then leave the room while the other students have to make up an amusing story of what the amnesiacs did the previous weekend. The amnesiacs then come back in and have to find out what they did by asking yes/no questions.

When I told them 'okay, now you can decide who wants to be the old amnesiac who can't remember anything', one of my students said, with a big grin on her face, 'You must be old - we did this last week John!'

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