Number one for English language teachers

Embarrassing moments

A selection of your classroom anecdotes involving embarrassing situations.

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  • Anecdote: A fruity lesson

    Author: Brooks Emerson Type: Anecdote

    A fruity double-entendre by Brooks Emerson.

  • Anecdote: Amnesiacs

    Author: John Routledge Type: Anecdote

    John Routledge's class of students turn a class game back on him.

  • Anecdote: An unfortunate misunderstanding

    Author: Sheena Bruet-Patel Type: Anecdote

    Sheena Bruet-Patel shares this winning anecdote that reminds us of the questions teachers should never ask their students!

  • Anecdote: Anyone for punting?

    Author: Becky Sparks Type: Anecdote

    Becky Sparks shares her winning anecdote about the hazards involved in trying to be an entertaining summer school teacher.

  • Anecdote: Coffeepotting

    Author: Becky Sparks Type: Anecdote

    Becky Sparks shares a winning anecdote on mischievous students in Italy.

  • Anecdote: Cut up about homework

    Author: Hillary Leben Type: Anecdote

    An embrassing anecdote from Hillary Leben.

  • Anecdote: Dictatorial teaching

    Author: Gabrielle Klingelhöfer Type: Anecdote

    Gabrielle Klingelhofer tells us her amusing board marker story.

  • Anecdote: Did she do the exam or not?

    Author: Jane Richards Type: Anecdote

    An anedcdote by Jane Roberts on the importance of proper pronunciation.

  • Anecdote: Don't drink and teach

    Author: Brian Macdonald Type: Anecdote

    A very valuable lesson by Brian Macdonald on why you should never drink the night before a class.

  • Anecdote: Drinking on the job

    Author: Anna Kruk Type: Anecdote

    An overheard sentence leads to an hilarious comeback for Anna Kruk.

  • Anecdote: High kicks in Tajikistan

    Author: Kevin McCaughey

    Thanks to Kevin McCaughey for sharing this unforgettable anecdote that is every teacher's worst nightmare!

  • Anecdote: Hold on tight!

    Author: Anonymous Type: Anecdote

    An embrassing clothing malfunction happened to one unfortunate teacher.

  • Anecdote: Hot male

    Author: Andrew Donelan Type: Anecdote

    Andrew Donelan tells us how an unfortunate spelling mistake occurred when using the internet with a class.

  • Anecdote: I am hard

    Author: Willow Vanderbosch Type: Anecdote

    Willow Vanderbosch gives us an anecdote about an a Chinese student with an unfortunate English name.

  • Anecdote: Keeping up appearances

    Author: Andrea Stoll Type: Anecdote

    Andrea Stoll shares an anecdote about some DVD confusion.

  • Anecdote: Latest fashion

    Author: Vicky Lopez Type: Anecdote

    Vicky Lopez wears the wrong outfit to one new class.

  • Anecdote: Not to be recommended

    Author: Chris Ellison Type: Anecdote

    Chris Ellison gives us an anecdote about an unfortunate incident with a board marker.

  • Anecdote: Rogue underpants

    Author: Andrew James Type: Anecdote

    An embarrassing anecdote involving underpants from Andrew James

  • Anecdote: Speak up!

    Author: Marcia Type: Anecdote

    Marcia's advice to her students comes back to haunt her in this amusing anecdote.

  • Anecdote: Taking precautions

    Author: Rochelle Watson Type: Anecdote

    Read about Rochelle Watson's embarrassing word slip-up.

  • Anecdote: Tell me about your job

    Author: John Walker Type: Anecdote

    John Walker's feigned lack of knowledge leads to an embarrassing explanation by one of his students.

  • Anecdote: The chair

    Author: Justin O'Coner Type: Anecdote

    A chair proves to be Justin O'Coner's downfall.

  • Anecdote: The cow

    Author: Hannah Cotterill Type: Anecdote

    Hannah Cotterill's post-it note game leads to an amusing scene!

  • Anecdote: The joys of winter!

    Author: Ann Bataillard Type: Anecdote

    A clothing-related anecdote from Ann Bataillard

  • Anecdote: The ultimate ice-breaker

    Author: Catherine Richards Golini Type: Anecdote

    A bag-related incided breaks the ice with Catherine Richards Golini's students.

  • Anecdote: Throw the dice

    Author: Karina Morganti Type: Anecdote

    Karina Morganti's anecdote highlights the importance of always listening to instructions.

  • Anecdote: Time of the month

    Author: Beth Ovens

    An embarrassing anecdote from Beth Ovens

  • Anecdote: Tough teacher

    Author: Julian Romero Type: Anecdote

    Appearances can be deceptive for Julian Romero in this anecdote about realia.

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