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Anecdote: Kleine Sonata

Type: Anecdote

Irene Kruse's anecdote is about the perils of exaggeration.

A former colleague of mine told me the following anecdote more than 15 years ago and I still like it - what about you?

One day the teacher could not use her usual classroom for her German lesson because it was to be redecorated. So she went with her pupils (all about 7 - 8 year-olds) to the music room. As they had to use this room for a couple of lessons during the following weeks she thought it advisable to give her pupils special instructions about how to behave when they were alone in there. She told them that the instruments - and especially the piano - were very, very expensive and had to be dealt with carefully. To give her request additional emphasis she added, 'Never go near the piano over there', she told them, 'because it will break when you touch it!'

All the little boys and girls looked at her with large eyes and seemed very impressed - apart from one little boy of seven. He put up his finger and said with his soft voice, 'I do not understand why such an expensive piano will break when you can play Mozart's 'Kleine Sonatine' on it!'

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