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Anecdote: Dreaming in English

Type: Anecdote

A story by Anna Merenyi about dreaming in English

This happened during a recent lesson and the topic was dreaming.

I always like to know about my students' personal experiences, especially when it is related to language learning, so I asked the class whether anyone had ever dreamt in English. One student proudly said that he had had a dream in English the previous night.

'So, what was it about?' I asked eagerly.

He replied with great seriousness, 'I've no idea. I couldn't understand a word of it.'

It took a few seconds for the class to understand how comical this was and, of course, everyone burst out laughing.

(I have to admit that I have heard a similar story told by Mario Rinvolucri, but this first-hand experience made it more real and funny.)

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