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Anecdote: Be sure that you are right

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A funny tale by James Leonard-Williams.

Nezha, a nine-year-old Moroccan girl from the countryside, joined a beginner's class at an English school in Casablanca. All the other members of the class were children from upper class Moroccan families and it was a completely different world to her.

A small boy, sitting next to Nezha complained, 'Teacher, Nezha hit me.'

The teacher immediately told Nezha to leave the classroom.

'I no hit him,' she said firmly. The teacher was a bit taken aback and replied, 'Nezha, I told you to leave the classroom.'

Again Nezha said, 'I no hit him,' so the teacher repeated what he'd said even more sternly.

Nezha looked the teacher straight in the eyes angrily and said. 'Teacher, if I hit that boy, he not be on him chair.'

Nezha remained in the class.

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