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Anecdote: A wise decision?

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Susan Palli here gives us an anecdote about a very cheeky 4 year old student.

I teach English to 3-5 year olds and my daughter aged 14 helps me with the class. One of my students who is slightly handicapped needed extra attention so I asked my daughter, Cecilia, to read a book to a 4 year old girl named Megan. Before getting started, Megan began to interview Cecilia and asked, 'Do you have any children?'

If that wasn't enough, Megan then proceeded to tell her that she shouldn't wear fingernail polish because it has dangerous chemicals in it that could harm her body and next time she comes to class, she would like to see it removed.

Cecilia finally began to read to her about apples. She then pointed to an apple and asked Megan, 'What's this?'

Megan replied, 'I don't know.'

Cecilia said, 'It's an apple.'

Cecilia continued to question Megan this way, and Megan's answer was always the same. This went on for about ten minutes. Finally, when I returned to explain to Cecilia that 4 year olds don't learn that way, she promptly replied, 'Don't worry, I'm never coming back.'

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