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Clever teachers and students

A selection of your classroom anecdotes involving clever teachers and students.

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  • Anecdote: A business plan

    Author: Nina Dobrynina Type: Anecdote

    Nina Dobrynina shares her winning anecdote about a demanding Business English student.

  • Anecdote: A wise decision?

    Author: Susan Palli Type: Anecdote

    I teach English to 3-5 year olds and my daughter aged 14 helps me with the class. One of my students who is slightly handicapped needed extra attention so I asked my daughter, Cecilia, to read a book to a 4 year old girl named Megan. Before getting started, Megan began to interview Cecilia and asked, "Do you have any children?"

  • Anecdote: Be sure that you are right

    Author: James Leonard-Williams Type: Anecdote

    Nezha, a nine-year-old Moroccan girl from the countryside, joined a beginner's class at an English school in Casablanca. All the other members of the class were children from upper class Moroccan families and it was a completely different world to her.

  • Anecdote: Dictionary head

    Author: Brett Jansen Type: Anecdote

    Nine years ago, whilst working in Ankara, Turkey, I had a group of adult absolute beginners who were threatening to remain at that level for the eight-week duration of the course. Don’t get me wrong, they were a lovely bunch; it’s just that they were the least predisposed ESL class I’ve ever taught. No matter what I tried, they seemed to be making little or no progress by the third week, and, although they seemed to take it all in good spirits, I was understandably concerned. One guy ...

  • Anecdote: Dreaming in English

    Author: Anna Merenyi Type: Anecdote

    It happened during a recent lesson and the topic was dreaming. I always like to know about my students' personal experiences, especially when it is related to language learning, so I asked the class whether anyone had ever dreamt in English. One student proudly said that he had had a dream in English the previous night.

  • Anecdote: First time with teenagers

    Author: Lenora Queiroz Type: Anecdote

    I had been teaching for about 2 year when I first faced teaching teens. The school manager invited me into her office and asked me if I could substitute an absent teacher. Sure I could! She then told me to have a look at that teacher's roll call, notes and books that were in her pigeonhole in the teachers' room. As I entered there, I felt loads of eyes lying on me, as if I was wearing something weird! But no. They started asking me if I was the one called to teach THAT dreadful teenager ...

  • Anecdote: Homework

    Author: Andrea Silter Type: Anecdote

    We all know that each class has diligent students who regularly do their homework and less diligent ones who always find an excuse or a lie for their laziness.

  • Anecdote: Kleine Sonata

    Author: Irene Kruse Type: Anecdote

    A former colleague of mine told me the following anecdote more than 15 years ago and I still like it - what about you?

  • Anecdote: One too many?

    Author: Eddie Conlon Type: Anecdote

    Eddie Conlon is enlightened by some sober wisdom in his classroom.

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