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Anecdote: Naughty hosts

Type: Anecdote

A story by Trev Hill about the problems of 'dangerous' English and naughty host families having fun at the expense of their guests.

I was teaching English in Bournemouth at a summer school. One of my students, a polite 13- year-old Polish girl suddenly asked me:

'Please, what does 69 mean in English?'

To say I stopped in my tracks is an understatement, hearing such a question from this particular girl.

'Errrm, it's the number after sixty eight and before seventy,' I replied uselessly.

'I know that, but doesn't it mean something else?'

'Why, where have you heard it?'

'Well, I have to get a 69 bus home to my host family. They asked if I was going to be OK and I said, 'Yes, I'll get a 69 in town'. They all laughed but won't tell me why ...'

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