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Teacher of the month: Khalid Fteih

Our Teacher of the month for April 2013 is Khalid Fteih, who wins on the strength of his commitment to better teaching.

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Name: Khalid Fteih

Home country: Egypt

Teaching experience: I have been teaching English for around 16 years. I started teaching young learners in public schools then at October 6th University in Egypt before I moved to Kuwait to teach adults.

Why ELT? Teaching has always been my passion and I was really good at English when I was at school. After I had finished high school, I decided to join the Faculty of Education English department where I got my bachelor degree in English language teaching. 

What kind of teacher are you? I am a very enthusiastic, dynamic teacher and I teach from the bottom of my heart. I like to try new classroom techniques and I am really good at using websites and electronic resources. My students are always the centre of my attention, and I always cherish STT rather than TTT. Creating an environment of learning for students where they not only interact and learn but also have fun is my aim.   

Favourite student or class: When I first moved to Kuwait, I had to teach a class of 14 adults who were in an apprenticeship program. They were affluent, like the rest of the population in this oil country. I had a very hard time trying to keep their attention and encourage them to participate. However, my efforts were in vain. They were all busy using their mobile phones (the most expensive brands with the latest versions) and paid no attention to classroom activities. Getting through to that class was a nightmare to me until a brilliant idea bounced into my mind: ‘Why don’t I make use of their iPhones?’ I asked myself. I did and it really worked! I urged them to text each other in English. Then I got them to use the internet to set up a debate around a different topics using chat software. By the end of the term, I could measure their progress and they achieved Level 4.  

Most successful lesson: It was when I used a task-based activity where students had to read a passage which included a problem which they had to find the solution to. The students were completely involved and there was intense debate about the passage. I think it worked because I included more than one skill in my lesson and I used technological aids. The students had to learn new vocabulary about ‘taking a taxi’, so I used a Power Point presentation followed by a very short video about driving a taxi in London.

Most pleasing thing to happen to me in a classroom: To see a childish, innocent smile on a face of a low-level student who has strived to learn a new phrase and was able to use it in context.

Most valuable thing I’ve learned: The importance of building students’ minds, teaching them how to think critically and sort out problems in addition to facing life challenges.  

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