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Teacher of the month: Ana Maria Menezes

Our very first Teacher of the month is onestopenglish scholarship winner Ana Maria, who loves exploring new and exciting learning paths with her students.

Teacher of the month_Ana Maria Menezes

Name: Ana Maria Menezes

Home country: Brazil

Teaching experience: I´ve been an EFL teacher for more than 20 years, having taught at different language institutes in Brazil. At the moment, apart from teaching,
I´m the head of the Edtech department of Cultura Inglesa Uberlândia and facilitate online courses for teachers.

Why ELT? After having lived abroad, I started teaching English privately and discovered my lifelong passion for teaching.

What kind of teacher are you? Well, if I were to describe myself as a teacher, I would say I´m restless at searching for effective ways to facilitate learning. I´m not afraid of changes and love seeing my students use language to create content such as comic strips, digital stories and videos.

Favourite student or class: One group of students I´ll always keep close to my heart was a group of teenagers I taught two years ago who were very enthusiastic about learning and creating. This was the group with whom I developed ’The 10 tasks Challenge’, a project where students used recently learned language to produce digital content.

Most successful lesson: One where, after having worked with different language exercises, students were instructed to create dialogues, show it to me for small corrections, rehearse it and then record it using their own cell phones. In the following class, we listened to the dialogues and talked about the language used. I believe this lesson worked so well because I could see ALL students involved with using language to express themselves as they wanted, finding their own voices.

Funniest thing to happen to me in a classroom: A funny moment? Well, imagine me, all tech-savvy with the lesson prepared for the IWB when suddenly there was a power cut. Nothing worked: no IWB, no cd player, no PowerPoint. Fortunately, there was a white board, coursebooks and very attentive eyes looking at me. After the initial shock, I can say it was one of the best classes that semester.

Most valuable thing I’ve learned: The more my students are in the centre stage, the better I feel as an educator observing how they learn and progress.

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