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Inside the onestopenglish team

  • sarah 300


    I’m Sarah and I’m the Commissioning Editor for onestopenglish. I started my English teaching career in Barcelona where I completed my CELTA, braved the daunting summer schools full of screaming children before settling down to a life of teaching angst-ridden teenagers in an international school for three years. I then moved back to my home city, London, to teach adults and take on the role of DOS. In 2008 (that long ago!) I decided to have a bit of a change and move into publishing ...

  • Patrick 300


    Hi, I’m Patrick and I’m the Development Editor for onestopenglish. I joined the team in June 2015 and I work on all areas of content development on the site. Prior to joining onestopenglish, I spent 12 years working as an EFL teacher in South Korea, Spain, and here in London.

  • ivy


    Hi! I’m Ivy and I’m the Digital Sales and Training Executive for onestopenglish and the digital sales team. I train EFL teachers around the world so that they understand not only how to use our digital products, but also how to integrate our online resources and platform into their teaching. I’m also involved in sales campaigns for onestopenglish.

  • Rachel 300


    Hi! I’m Rachel Slatter, and I joined the onestopenglish team in May 2015 as Managing Editor for the site. Day to day, you’ll find me looking after the publishing schedule; proofreading and content checking; handling contracts and invoices for the talented freelancers and authors who help make onestopenglish the great site it is; and doing a raft of miscellaneous things that hopefully make life easier in general for our in-house team!

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