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The onestopenglish team

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Inside the onestopenglish team

  • rachel


    Hi! I’m Rachel Slatter. I’ve been part of the onestopenglish team since May 2015, and I’m currently the site’s Commissioning Editor. Day to day, you’ll find me commissioning and developing content for the site; looking after the publishing schedule; and juggling a host of tasks including marketing and admin.

  • erica


    Hi, I’m Erica and I’m the Development Editor for onestopenglish. I joined the team in November 2017 and I work on all areas of content development on the site. Prior to joining onestopenglish, I spent 12 years working as an EFL teacher in South Korea, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Turkey, as well as being an ESOL teacher here in the UK.I have worked in a variety of institutions including language schools, universities, colleges and private companies.

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