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We're very proud of our amazing team of expert authors here at onestopenglish, so we're giving you the chance to get to know a little bit more about them. How did they start their writing careers? What materials have they written for onestopenglish? What are their top tips for becoming an ELT author?

Author of the month interviews

  • Author of the month: Aylin Graves

    Aylin Graves, author of EAP for the 21st century learner, tells us about winning writing awards, being beyond embarrassment and how she keeps her writing fresh.

  • Author of the month: Kerry Maxwell

    Kerry Maxwell, author of Buzzwords and Language for, tells us about lexicography, swimming in lochs and provides some tips for becoming an ELT author.

  • Author of the month: Lizzie Pinard

    Lizzie Pinard, author of cultural series Compass, tells us about her ELT interests, winning an ELTon and offers her advice on becoming an ELT author.

  • Author of the month: Tom Walton

    Tom Walton, author of our Tech Task for the Class series, tells about a nightmare class, his technology blog and an awkward moment with a class of teenage girls.

  • Author of the month: Daniel Barber

    Daniel Barber, author of our First Steps into series, tells us about teaching in a windowless basement, the experience of talking to a webcam and gives his advice on becoming an ELT author.

  • Author of the month: Rosemary Richey

    Rosemary Richey, author of Business Basics, talks about her love of Damascus and how working in the hotel business equipped her with the transferable skills for writing and teaching.

  • Author of the month: Frances Marnie

    Frances Marnie, author of our ESOL series Absolute Beginners, tells us about her romance with the French capital, the rich melting pot of cultures she discovered in a small town in Scotland and why helping her students negotiate their daily lives is endlessly fulfilling.  

  • Authors of the month: Nicky Hockly and Gavin Dudeney

    Co-authors of our Mobile English series, Nicky Hockly and Gavin Dudeney reveal all about their careers in English language teaching and writing. One of them has dabbled with stand-up comedy and the other used to be a technophobe – can you guess which?    

  • Author of the month: Brian Boyd

    Brian Boyd, author and creator Grammarman, reveals all about the origins of his correction-crusading superhero and life in bustling Bangkok. He also admits that although he’s a master illustrator, drawing diagrams on a whiteboard isn’t necessarily his strong point!

  • Authors of the month: Luke and James Vyner

    Brothers and creative duo Luke and James Vyner talk about their passion for producing original and exciting audio-based content (like their new cinematic listening series here on onestopenglish) and share a couple of ‘anecdotes for the boys’ in this illuminating tag-team interview.

  • Author of the month: Nik Peachey

    Nik Peachey, digital guru and author of our Tech Tools for Teachers series, talks about the highs and lows of his personal experiences of education and explains how a lazy workaholic (his own words) came to get so interested in learning technologies. He also imparts some valuable advice on becoming a materials writer and gives tips on the wonders of self publishing online through blogs and e-books.

  • Author of the month: Liz Plampton

    Co-author of our mini-plays series, and queen of all things dramatic, Liz Plampton takes us on a magical mystery tour of her life before and after teaching, and tells us why we should always listen to our mums.

  • Author of the month: Carol Read

    Young Learners expert Carol Read explains how her love of Latin America was responsible for her career choice. She now lives in Madrid, which is also one of the most interesting places she has ever taught.

  • Author of the month: Keith Kelly

    Author: Keith Kelly Type: Article

    King of onestopclil, Keith Kelly reveals all about his love affair with Bulgaria, shares tales of a tough introduction to teaching in Bristol and gives a modest tip for budding CLIL authors.

  • Author of the month: Keith Harding

    Fortunately, the author of onestopenglish's new ESP series, Hospitality and Tourism, failed his interview for a job hiring out deckchairs at Brighton beach, otherwise his career might have taken a completely different turn.

  • Author of the month: Jill Hadfield

    Author of our fabulous new series Fun with grammar, Jill Hadfield, tells us about her globetrotting EFL career - from Bordeaux to Madagascar, from Tibet to the Antipodes - and offers some useful tips for aspiring writers.

  • Author of the month: Jonathan Marks

    Our pronunciation and Ask the Experts author, Jonathan Marks, on teaching English, writing and telling jokes, with a major get-out clause for our readers before the joke itself. Be warned!

  • Author of the month: Adrian Doff

    Author of our excellent Business Tasks series, Adrian Doff, talks about his interesting background teaching during troubled times in the Middle East, and teases us with a riddle about a joke concerning a penguin.

  • Author of the month: Jamie Keddie

    Jamie is an exuberant Scot with a seemingly endless supply of original and imaginative teaching ideas. Here he tells us a bit about his career as a writer and English teacher.

  • Author of the month: Rachel Finnie

    Onestopenglish's fabulous Phonics author, Rachel Finnie, tells us about her life – from her beginnings on the wrong side of Birmingham to the joys of teaching and writing in Greece.

  • Author of the month: Russell Whitehead

    Onestopenglish's resident exams guru, Russell Whitehead, talks about the lure of teaching in London, the importance of comic timing, and gives an insight into his life as a freelance writer and consultant.

  • Author of the month: Adrian Tennant

    Onestopenglish's love affair with Adrian Tennant began over six years ago, resulting in a very long list of fantastic resources for the site. Here, Adrian talks about teaching and training all over the globe, as well as his fondness for a wise fool named Nasreddin.

  • Author of the month: Karen Richardson

    Onestopenglish's queen of news lessons, and author of the new Spot on news lessons for teens, gives some great tips for budding materials writers and talks about her background in journalism, as well as a curious tale about a talking duck ...

  • Author of the month: Adrian Underhill

    Creator of the Sound Foundations Phonemic Chart, Adrian Underhill, regales us with tales of extreme teaching, improvisation and all that jazz ...

  • Author of the month: Jackie McAvoy

    Onestopenglish favourite Jackie McAvoy thrills us with her tropical teaching and travelling tales and offers some useful tips on getting started as an ELT author.

  • Author of the month: Tim Bowen

    Onestopenglish's king of news lessons and all things word-related, Tim Bowen, talks to us about his life and work, in particular, his career as a teacher trainer.

  • Author of the month: Lindsay Clandfield

    One of onestopenglish's longest-standing authors, Lindsay Clandfield, talks to us about his life and work, offering some great tips on how to become a top ELT author.

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