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Young learners

Winning young learner-themed lesson shares including a challenge to design a zoo, a fairy tale practising possessive -s and a game on household objects.

Young learners winning lessons

  • A carnival story

    Author: Catherine Zgouras

    Catherine Zgouras wins the lesson share competition with this fun-filled lesson for young learners.

  • Hey, diddle, diddle

    Author: Polly Childerhouse

    Polly Childerhouse wins the Lesson Share competition with this enjoyable activity, designed to teach young children the main vocabulary from the popular nursery rhyme.

  • ose lesson share 100x100

    The park

    Author: Amy Humphreys Level: Elementary, Pre-intermediate Type: General lesson plan

    Amy Humphreys wins this month’s Lesson Share with a lesson to help teach children to write descriptive sentences.

  • Young learners: At the supermarket

    Author: Agnieszka Dudek

    To revise the names of food items; to distinguish between countable and uncountable nouns; to expose students to the meaning of the structures 'there is', 'there are', 'there isn't', 'there aren't'.

  • Young learners: Card game for prepositions

    Author: Michela Furia

    A fast moving game based on colours and numbers. In this version children practise the prepositions in, on, under, in front of and behind.

  • Young learners: Daily routines and habits

    Author: Hoye Bishop

    Read about the daily habits of three people and learn vocabulary associated with daily habits, basic foods, times and countries.

  • Young learners: Daily routines of monsters, zombies, ghosts and aliens

    Author: Jessica Watson

    Practise third person –s, talking and writing about routines, saying and writing common action verbs, making questions about days, times and routines.

  • Young learners: Design a zoo

    Author: Fari Greenway Level: Starter/beginner, Elementary Type: General lesson plan

    In this enjoyable lesson plan by Fari Greenway, children think about the perfect zoo and decide which animals should go in it.

  • Young learners: Frodo's backpack

    Author: Polly Childerhouse

    To practise using 'some' and 'any'.

  • Young learners: Frodo's supplies

    Author: Polly Childerhouse

    To practise using 'How much?' and 'How many?'.

  • Young learners: Halloween

    Author: Foka Eline Level: Elementary Type: General lesson plan

    Boo! A suitably spooky set of activities from Lesson Share winner Foka Eline that presents Halloween vocabulary to bewitch your students.

  • Young learners: How do you spell ...?

    Author: Margot McCamley

    An alternative to the usual game of spelling, or spelling dictation which is also a good task based learning exercise.

  • Young learners: My family

    Author: Beata Choragwicka

    Learning to differentiate basic members of the family; revising basic colours.

  • Young learners: Once upon a time there was ...

    Author: Sally Clarke and Sandy Stevens Type: General lesson plan Print material

    In this enjoyable lesson by Sally Clarke and Sandy Stevens, students practise using possessive -s in a fairy tale context.

  • Young learners: Scrambled sentences

    Author: Margot McCamley

    A team game in which learners first have to unscramble sentences then create their own scrambled sentences.

  • Young learners: Teddy lesson

    Author: Silvana Rampone

    Asking for and giving information (name, age...); understanding and giving instructions about movement and parts of the body; speaking about emotions and appearance; expressing possession; speaking about abilities.

  • Young learners: The fastest animal

    Author: Malgorzata Wdowska

    To revise superlative adjectives and names of animals.

  • Young learners: The guessing game

    Author: Adela Baltatu

    Asking questions; present simple affirmative and interrogative; animal descriptions.

  • Young learners: The home game

    Author: Gaynor Morgan

    Students practise names of household furniture and prepositions of place.

  • Young Learners: The three boxes writing activity

    Author: Dennis Baker Type: General lesson plan

    Dennis Baker wins a set of cuisenaire rods in our Young Learners lesson share competition with this fun lesson on creative writing.

  • Young learners: Vocabulary challenge

    Author: Polly Childerhouse

    To name objects beginning with the chosen alphabet card and to be the first person to get rid of his/her alphabet cards.

  • Young learners: What do they like?

    Author: Clare Treleaven

    Expressing likes and dislikes – 3rd person singular.

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