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A selection of winning vocabulary-based lessons on a range of themes including weather, films, and football

Vocabulary winning lessons

  • Exams: A recipe for success

    Author: Paul Bartlett

    The aim of this lesson is to get the students to describe how to make a dish from their country. It practises using sequencing words, imperatives and food vocabulary.

  • Grammar: Vocabulary (extreme adjectives)

    Author: Sherry Maisey

    Vocabulary development, stress and intonation practice.

  • Vocabulary: Personality assessment task

    Author: Andrea Zibung

    To improve vocabulary when describing character, especially when dealing with literature (most of the time students use good, bad, happy, nice).

  • Speaking: A round table talk about the environment

    Author: Olga Kapitanova

    To develop speaking skills; to reinforce the vocabulary on the topic; to encourage the students to think over and discuss the problems of the environment.

  • Writing: A nice story

    Author: Jane Richards Type: General lesson plan

    Jane Richards wins the Lesson Share competition with this original and useful lesson to encourage students to use a wide range of adjectives, rather than depending on high-frequency lexical items such as good, nice and bad.

  • Speaking: Animals and endangered species

    Author: Fari Greenaway Type: General lesson plan

    Fari Greenaway proves that animal magic isn't just for kids with a winning upper intermediate lesson that practises animal vocabulary and new verbs of movement.

  • Speaking: Courtroom drama

    Author: Lissy Freewoman

    Lissy Freewoman wins the lesson share competition with a lively lesson designed to teach crime and legal vocabulary. Students discuss crimes and punishments and take part in a mock trial.

  • What does the colour of your clothes say about you?

    Author: Monika Szalwinska-Garbaruk

    Monika Szalwinska-Garbaruk wins the Lesson Share competition with this quiz-based activity designed to generate useful vocabulary to describe personality.

  • TV and film

    Author: Catherine Zgouras

    Catherine Zgouras wins the Lesson Share competition with this entertainment-based activity in which students can learn about TV and film, and practise irregular verbs and the past simple.

  • Fairyland reloaded

    Author: Bálint Gyimesi

    Bálint Gyimesi wins the Lesson Share competition with this fantasy-themed activity designed to help students improve their communicative competence and acquire vocabulary.

  • ose lesson share 100x100

    Collocations with make and do

    Author: Emily Ballard Level: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced Type: General lesson plan

    Emily Ballard wins this month’s Lesson Share competition with a lesson about learning collocations with the verbs make and do.

  • ose lesson share 100x100

    Lesson Share: Phrasal verbs go fish

    Author: Stephanie Valerio Level: Upper intermediate, Advanced Type: General lesson plan

    Stephanie Valerio wins this month’s Lesson Share with a lesson to learn and practise three-part phrasal verbs.

  • ose lesson share 100x100

    A crazy story

    Author: Maricruz Garrido Level: Intermediate Type: General lesson plan

    Maricruz Garrido wins this month’s Lesson Share with a lesson to practise using adjectives to describe people.

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