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A selection of winning reading-related lesson shares including such diverse topics as reading novels, charity shops and David Beckham.

Reading winning lessons

  • Bon voyage

    Author: Dan Cornford

    Dan Cornford wins the lesson share competition with a lesson on reading and retelling travel anecdotes.

  • Class reading

    Author: Thais Casson

    Thais Casson wins the Lesson Share competition with this lesson based on students’ own reading experiences.

  • Reading: alphabet uno

    Author: Pat Griffin

    Learning numbers and the alphabet (for learners who are not familiar with Latin or Roman script) and colours in English by sight.

  • Reading: charity shops

    Author: Steve Walsh

    To introduce the topic of charitable giving with particular reference to students or people on tight budgets and to stimulate debate about giving to particular causes.

  • Reading: Choose your own adventure!

    Author: Paul Charles Type: General lesson plan

    Paul Charles presents an exciting lesson in which students work together to negotiate a route through a story with several possible outcomes.

  • Reading: Fantasy creatures

    Author: Alina Scott-Monkhouse Type: General lesson plan

    A lesson to practise all four skills. Students read a short passage on a fantasy creature, fill in a table by listening to descriptions and speak from notes.

  • Reading: Graded reader blind date

    Author: Alex Case

    Alex Case's winning lesson introduces students to graded readers through speaking and personalization, allowing them to find out about each others' tastes in books.

  • Reading: International Year of Rice

    Author: Jackie McAvoy

    A reading-practice lesson plan that focuses on the the International Year of Rice. There are two reading passages: one gap-fill and one jigsaw reading.

  • Reading: Problem page

    Author: Jake Hughes

    Jake Hughes wins the Lesson Share competition with a fun reading and speaking lesson that practises giving advice.

  • ose lesson share 100x100

    Reading: Pub culture

    Author: Kate Ryzhkova Level: Intermediate, Upper intermediate Type: General lesson plan

    Kate Ryzhkova wins this month’s Lesson Share with a lesson on pub culture that helps students practise reading for gist and in detail.

  • Reading: St Patrick's Day Jeopardy

    Author: Graine Lavin Type: General lesson plan

    Graine Lavin's fun St. Patrick's Day reading lesson includes a quiz on all things Irish!

  • Reading: text reconstruction

    Author: Danielle Silva

    Provides students with an opportunity to practice and develop their reading skills, as well as to interact and work as a group.

  • Reading: TV, hamburger, obesity gene

    Author: Andrew Drummond

    A great reading activity from the onestopenglish Lesson share archive leading to a role-play on the theme of obesity and fast food.

  • Reading: using novels

    Author: Greta Grigoroiu

    To stimulate students’ interest in intensive reading.

  • Reading: Who's better? Who's best?

    Author: Paul Kavanagh

    This game integrates the skills of reading and speaking within a fun context.

  • Silver surfers

    Author: Heather Bowley Level: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate Type: General lesson plan

    Heather Bowley wins the Lesson Share competition with this lesson designed to acquire technical vocabulary and discuss the technological exclusion of older people.

  • ose lesson share 100x100

    Story consequences

    Author: Rick Geake Level: Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper intermediate Type: General lesson plan

    Rick Geake wins this month’s Lesson Share competition with five fun story-telling lessons.

  • Stressed out

    Author: Carolyn Flores Level: Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced Type: General lesson plan

    Carolyn Flores wins the Lesson Share competition with this lesson designed to help students practise their communication skills around a familiar topic: stress.

  • The Maracanã Stadium

    Author: Moundir Al Amrani

    Moundir Al Amrani wins the Lesson Share competition with this audio-supported lesson about the famous Maracanã and Camp Nou stadiums.

  • Weather conditions in different countries

    Author: Mike Furber

    Mike Furber wins the Lesson Share competition with this science-based activity.

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