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Integrated skills

A selection of winning lesson plans that practise integrated skills, including an animal version of Top Trumps and an innovative video lesson on puffer fish.

The following is an icebreaker activity suggested by one of our teachers.

Isabel Findlay

This is one that I do almost every year, and my students love it! I get them to write down two things they absolutely love, e.g. I love spending my free time surfing, and then two things they really hate, e.g. I can’t stand having to wait for the bus in the cold rain. I tell students that they must not write their names on their papers. The papers are then folded and collected. A random student then picks a folded paper, reads it and then he or she must try to guess which of their classmates is being mentioned.

Integrated skills winning lessons

  • A brighter, cleaner and faster future

    Author: Sam Lanchbury Level: Advanced Type: General lesson plan

    Sam Lanchbury wins the Lesson Share competition, focusing on new transportation.

  • Integrated skills: Countdown

    Author: Joseph Clarke Level: Starter/beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate

    Joseph Clarke wins the Lesson Share competition with this PowerPoint-supported lesson, focusing on practising numbers and introducing vocabulary related to simple calculations.

  • Christmas: #SadTree

    Author: Troy Nahumko

    In this month’s winning lesson by Troy Nahumko, students learn about the history of the Christmas tree.

  • Speaking: Courtroom drama

    Author: Lissy Freewoman

    Lissy Freewoman wins the lesson share competition with a lively lesson designed to teach crime and legal vocabulary. Students discuss crimes and punishments and take part in a mock trial.

  • Speaking: Eavesdropping

    Author: Titus Green

    Titus Green wins the Lesson Share competition with a lesson designed to improve learners’ confidence in extracting the main topic and message when listening to rapid speech.

  • Integrated skills: B-movies and film stars

    Author: Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst

    Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst’s lesson allows students to develop their fluency as well as spark their imaginations by role-playing movie stars at a party.

  • Integrated skills: Classroom challenge

    Author: Richard Ingham

    Richard Ingham’s energetic lesson for teenage beginners practises using can in terms of ability.

  • Integrated skills: It's written in the stars

    Author: Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst

    Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst wins the competition again with a colourful lesson that uses horoscopes to explore a galaxy of idioms.

  • Integrated skills: Fairytale bad guys

    Author: Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst

    Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst wins the Lesson Share competition with a creative classroom activity combining role-play, tabloid journalism, mythical characters and some stunning artwork.  

  • Integrated skills: Video lesson for a global EFL classroom

    Author: David Allen Level: Upper intermediate Type: General lesson plan

    David Allen wins the Lesson Share competition with a video lesson about poisonous puffer fish in Japan.

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