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Integrated skills

A selection of winning lesson plans that practise integrated skills, including an animal version of Top Trumps and an innovative video lesson on puffer fish.

Integrated skills winning lessons

  • A brighter, cleaner and faster future

    Author: Sam Lanchbury Level: Advanced Type: General lesson plan

    Sam Lanchbury wins the Lesson Share competition, focusing on new transportation.

  • Integrated skills: Countdown

    Author: Joseph Clarke Level: Starter/beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate

    Joseph Clarke wins the Lesson Share competition with this PowerPoint-supported lesson, focusing on practising numbers and introducing vocabulary related to simple calculations.

  • Christmas: #SadTree

    Author: Troy Nahumko

    In this month’s winning lesson by Troy Nahumko, students learn about the history of the Christmas tree.

  • Speaking: Courtroom drama

    Author: Lissy Freewoman

    Lissy Freewoman wins the lesson share competition with a lively lesson designed to teach crime and legal vocabulary. Students discuss crimes and punishments and take part in a mock trial.

  • Speaking: Eavesdropping

    Author: Titus Green

    Titus Green wins the Lesson Share competition with a lesson designed to improve learners’ confidence in extracting the main topic and message when listening to rapid speech.

  • Integrated skills: B-movies and film stars

    Author: Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst

    Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst’s lesson allows students to develop their fluency as well as spark their imaginations by role-playing movie stars at a party.

  • Integrated skills: Classroom challenge

    Author: Richard Ingham

    Richard Ingham’s energetic lesson for teenage beginners practises using can in terms of ability.

  • Integrated skills: It's written in the stars

    Author: Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst

    Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst wins the competition again with a colourful lesson that uses horoscopes to explore a galaxy of idioms.

  • Integrated skills: Fairytale bad guys

    Author: Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst

    Dimitra Eleftheriou-Ernst wins the Lesson Share competition with a creative classroom activity combining role-play, tabloid journalism, mythical characters and some stunning artwork.  

  • Integrated skills: Video lesson for a global EFL classroom

    Author: David Allen Level: Upper intermediate Type: General lesson plan

    David Allen wins the Lesson Share competition with a video lesson about poisonous puffer fish in Japan.

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