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Grammar winning lessons

  • Fairyland reloaded

    Author: Bálint Gyimesi

    Bálint Gyimesi wins the Lesson Share competition with this fantasy-themed activity designed to help students improve their communicative competence and acquire vocabulary.

  • Grammar: 2010 World Cup

    Author: Michelle Worgan Type: General lesson plan

    Michelle Worgan gives us a dose of World Cup fever with her winning Lesson Share entry that practises the first conditional.

  • Grammar: A team game

    Author: Eugenia González

    This is a vocabulary and language functions revision exercise.

  • Grammar: A very bad day

    Author: Lucia Walliams Type: General lesson plan

    Lucia Walliams wins the Lesson Share competition with a fun lesson on the third conditional.

  • Grammar: Active listening

    Author: Gabrielle Jones

    Gabrielle Jones wins the competition with lesson that practises using question tags and asking follow-up questions.  

  • Grammar: An experiment with verse

    Author: Simon Mumford

    Simon Mumford wins again with a lesson that uses the medium of poetry to teach verb + gerund / infinitive.

  • Grammar: Bargaining

    Author: Philip Borrell

    To present common verb and noun collocations related to household activities. To present and provide speaking practice in using the first conditional for bargaining and negotiating. Includes a card game.

  • Grammar: Broken hearts and fish out of water: Practising time clauses

    Author: John McCarthy

    A reading, speaking and writing activity designed to present and practice time clauses.

  • Grammar: Can you do it?

    Author: Lindsay Clandfield

    Lindsay Clandfield's winning lesson practises the modal verb can (ability) using a game of questions.

  • Grammar: Can't you be more positive?

    Author: Tom Swietlik

    This is primarily a fluency-based lesson to develop students’ phrase-building skills with language chunks based on the keyword ‘can’t’.

  • Grammar: Card game for countables and uncountables

    Author: Mirjana Vasiljev

    Developing skills relating to, asking for and giving information about quantities, degrees of quantities, speaking about containers and places where things are put.

  • Grammar: Card game for irregular verbs

    Author: Julia Schröder

    Pupils practise irregular verbs with games, using short sentences and / or single words in English.

  • Grammar: Celebrity wedding planner

    Author: Jodi Hope

    Jodi Hope catches Royal Wedding fever with a love-themed winning lesson that practises modal verbs.

  • Grammar: Countable vs uncountable nouns

    Author: Megan Dominichelli

    To develop countable and uncountable nouns along with the structures: there is / there aren't / there should be. The roleplay focuses on shopping and the language needed for complaining.

  • Grammar: Embedded question drill

    Author: Colin Finnerty

    To provide learners with an opportunity to practise the word order of embedded questions.

  • Grammar: Figure it out!

    Author: Candida Palma

    Practise using modals of deduction.

  • Grammar: Glastonbury Festival

    Type: General lesson plan

    Becky Sparks wins the May 2007 Festivals Lesson Share Competition with a lesson about Glastonbury - Britain's most famous annual music festival.

  • Grammar: How to prepare it

    Author: Katarzyna Staszczyszyn

    Practise imperatives; learn useful vocabulary; use sequence connectors; learn how to write a recipe.

  • Grammar: Language metaphors

    Author: Simon Mumford

    Simon Mumford delivers a brain-twisting winning lesson that uses metaphors to help students learn grammatical structures.

  • Grammar: Let me talk about my life

    Author: Andrew Briston Type: General lesson plan

    A lesson plan to give students written and oral practice of using the present perfect to talk about experiences.

  • Grammar: Making instant decisions

    Author: Marijana Macura

    Introduce 'will' or 'won't' for instant decisions; provide fluency practice using 'will' or 'won't'.

  • Grammar: 'Meet the Parents'

    Author: Mark McKinnon

    To practise and contrast the past simple and present perfect and give students listening practice of these structures in context. Promotes the use of video as a useful classroom tool. Includes a great warmer 'lie-detector test'.

  • Grammar: Meeting word partnerships

    Author: Kirby Vincent

    To Introduce students to collocations with the word ‘meeting’ and to practice using them.

  • Grammar: Memories of the past

    Author: Simon Mumford

    Simon Mumford wins the Lesson Share competition with a unique way to help students remember irregular past tense forms.

  • Grammar: Money - just imagine!

    Author: Paul Ashe

    For the introduction and practice of first and second conditionals, including oral practice.

  • Grammar: Murder mystery

    Author: Simon Mumford

    Simon Mumford’s sinister winning lesson serves up a healthy dose of intrigue in order to revise the past tenses.  

  • Grammar: My alibi

    Author: Alexandra Hicks

    To practise past continuous interrupted by another action or by a specific time, in a business setting.

  • Grammar: Name that city: The cost of living

    Author: Andrew Drummond

    To practice making comparisons.

  • Grammar: Narrative tenses

    Author: Rachael Nobbs

    Rachael Nobbs encourages students to invent their own tales with her winning Lesson Share entry that practises the past tenses and features a mysterious urban myth …

  • Grammar: On the cards

    Author: Maria Sandor Level: Elementary, Pre-intermediate Type: General lesson plan

    Activities to practise using the past form of irregular verbs.

  • Grammar: Past tense card game

    Author: Stephen Hooper

    A simple game designed to help with reviewing past tense questions and answers - (adaptable to other grammatical forms).

  • Grammar: Past tense practice with hilarity

    Author: Chris Clayton Type: General lesson plan

    A fun way to learn and practise new verbs in the past tense.

  • Grammar: Pawn shop

    Author: Maria Sándor

    Maria Sándor’s winning lesson incorporates a role-play that practises both negotiation skills and the present simple vs present continuous.  

  • Grammar: Personality traits

    Author: Bozena Zuchowska

    To consolidate understanding of adjectives to describe people's qualities.

  • Grammar: Phrasal verbs

    Author: Karina Maganti

    A phrasal verb board game.

  • Grammar: Phrasal verbs card games

    Author: Greta Gabriela Grigoroiu

    Practising phrasal verbs.

  • Grammar: Prefixes

    Author: Svetlana Urisman

    Svetlana Urisman wins the Lesson Share competition with an engaging board game activity to help students revise word formation using prefixes.

  • Grammar: Preposition bingo

    Author: Tom Swietlik

    A game to consolidate 'verb/adjective + preposition' patterns.

  • Grammar: Present continuous with PowerPoint

    Author: Danica Krapez

    Teaching English in computer classes or using multimedia. Introducing the present continuous tense.

  • Grammar: Present perfect continuous game

    Author: Andrea Zibung

    Students use the present perfect continuous in a game based on jobs.

  • Grammar: Professions

    Author: Ana Barrul

    To revise vocabulary and general knowledge in relation to professions. To reinforce speaking activities and working together. To revise the simple present tense in context.

  • Grammar: Pub quiz

    Author: Nicky Rigby

    A quiz game for present and past simple question forms (writing and speaking).

  • Grammar: Reporting verbs

    Author: Vicky Craig

    To get students practising and using reporting verbs.

  • Grammar: Rock band role-play

    Author: Chelsea Lord

    Students work on a press release about a rock band, practising use of the present perfect.

  • Grammar: Should I stay or should I go?

    Author: Ana Paula Guerra Gil

    Teaching 'should' using a song.

  • Grammar: Smart crackle cakes

    Author: Natasha Mauger Level: Pre-intermediate

    To practise the passive form by converting imperative instructions to passive descriptions, followed by free practice of the passive.

  • Grammar: Tag teams

    Author: Paul Charles Level: Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced Type: General lesson plan

    To practise making tag questions by guessing information about other students.

  • Grammar: Teacher trumps

    Author: Jim Davies

    To practice boasting, comparisons / superlatives.

  • Grammar: The accident

    Author: Mandeep Locham

    Mandeep Locham wins the Lesson Share competition for a second time with a lesson that uses the subject of workplace accidents as a basis to revise the past tenses.

  • Grammar: The adverb game

    Author: Jim Davies

    To practise adverbs.

  • Grammar: The future's bright

    Level: Elementary, Pre-intermediate

    Gráine Lavin wins the Lesson Share competition with this fun lesson about making predictions for students to practise using will for the future.

  • Grammar: The no-go game

    Author: Margot McCamley

    Practising past tense sentences.

  • Grammar: The past and future forms of 'be able to'

    Author: Gordon Myskow

    Provide students with the tools to explain reasons for absence clearly and politely.

  • Grammar: The sentence machine

    Author: Laura Meseguer

    To strengthen the students' knowledge of grammatical rules when forming and combining sentences in English. To revise verb tenses.

  • Grammar: The shape of English grammar

    Author: Simon Mumford

    Simon Mumford wins the competition again with a very visual lesson that uses diagrams to revise grammar constructions.

  • Grammar: The Titanic

    Author: Emily Ballard

    Emily Ballard’s historic lesson provides a unique way to practise forming sentences in the third conditional.

  • Grammar: Travel disasters

    Author: Nicholas Whitley Level: Upper intermediate Type: General lesson plan

    Phrasal verbs relating to travel are the focus in Nicholas Whitley's entertaining upper intermediate lesson that also includes some fun illustrations.

  • Grammar: Using proverbs

    Author: Simon Mumford Level: Upper intermediate, Advanced

    A lesson to teach proverbs and use them to remind students of, and clarify, language rules which may cause them difficulties.

  • Grammar: Vocabulary (extreme adjectives)

    Author: Sherry Maisey

    Vocabulary development, stress and intonation practice.

  • Grammar: What's been changed?

    Author: Tom Swietlik

    This is an integrated skills activity with an emphasis on speaking practice using the present perfect simple passive (vs. active) in a very active, functional and fun way.

  • Grammar: Wishes and regrets

    Author: Vicky Craig

    Practise expressing wishes and regrets, reading for specific information, dialogue building, fluency.

  • Grammar: Yoga in the classroom

    Author: Fari Greenaway Type: General lesson plan

    An original take on teaching imperatives. This active drama lesson provides a great opportunity for bodily-kinaesthetic learners in the classroom.

  • Grammar: You must not!

    Author: Jim Davies

    Practice in using negative obligations, 'You must not...'

  • Life experiences

    Author: Shirley Jones Level: Intermediate, Upper intermediate Type: General lesson plan

    Shirley Jones wins this month’s Lesson Share competition with a lesson to help students talk about life experiences.

  • Selling a winning idea

    Author: Gabrielle Jones

    Gabrielle Jones wins the Lesson Share competition with this marketing-based activity in which students can learn to describe a process, ask and answer questions about a product, and practise being persuasive.

  • Speaking: Holiday activities

    Author: Shala Barczewska

    Shala Barczewska wins the competition with a seasonal lesson plan on how to talk about holidays, practising past tenses and third conditionals.

  • Talking about the future

    Author: Jessica Rundell

    Jessica Rundell wins the lesson share competition with a lesson on future forms and how to choose the right one in conversation.

  • The blindfold line-graph activity

    Author: Tim Barton

    Tim Barton wins the Lesson Share competition with this sales-themed activity designed to improve students’ knowledge of product performance vocabulary.

  • The five senses of a verb

    Author: Didier Evain

    Kat Law wins the Lesson Share competition with this fun lesson, designed to build confidence and improve fluency through oral practice of different verb forms.

  • ose lesson share 100x100

    Time expressions

    Author: Karolina Wyrzykowska Level: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate Type: General lesson plan

    Karolina Wyrzykowska wins this month’s Lesson Share competition with a lesson practising time expressions.

  • TV and film

    Author: Catherine Zgouras

    Catherine Zgouras wins the Lesson Share competition with this entertainment-based activity in which students can learn about TV and film, and practise irregular verbs and the past simple.

  • What does the colour of your clothes say about you?

    Author: Monika Szalwinska-Garbaruk

    Monika Szalwinska-Garbaruk wins the Lesson Share competition with this quiz-based activity designed to generate useful vocabulary to describe personality.

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