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Winning lesson plans on the topic of exams including how to scan and skim texts and practice on open cloze tasks.

Exams winning lessons

  • Exams: A recipe for success

    Author: Paul Bartlett

    The aim of this lesson is to get the students to describe how to make a dish from their country. It practises using sequencing words, imperatives and food vocabulary.

  • Exams: Article writing: CAE and CPE

    Author: Jain Cook

    A comprehensive set of notes and exercises for students on how to write articles for advanced exams (CAE and CPE).

  • Exams: Describing how something works

    Author: Richard Gresswell

    Preparing students for the writing part 1 of the Academic IELTS exam.

  • Exams: FCE exam speaking practice

    Author: Lindsay Clandfield

    To practise part one of the First Certificate speaking exam. Highlights and works on persistent errors in students' oral work.

  • Exams: FCE or CAE cloze practice games

    Author: Alex Case Level: Upper intermediate, Advanced

    Three games to liven up exam class practice for the open cloze exam tasks, and to make sure students really know their way around the exam.

  • Exams: FCE Use of English Part 3: Key word transformation

    Author: Colin Finnerty

    To raise students’ awareness of typical ‘non-language’ mistakes for key word transformations.

  • Exams: IELTS Academic Module: Reading

    Author: Danny Coleiro

    A very creative lesson plan for practising the skills of scanning and skimming texts in order to answer comprehension questions.

  • Exams: Writing summaries

    Author: Caroline Darling

    To prepare students to write a 70 word summary (Use of English Part 5) and to learn how to keep to the word limit.

  • IELTS Report writing

    Author: Mairi Joanne Anderson

    Mairi Joanne Anderson wins the Lesson Share competition with this useful activity.

  • IELTS writing task 1 – line graphs

    Author: Mairi Joanne Anderson Level: Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced Type: General lesson plan

    Mairi Joanne Anderson wins the Lesson Share competition, focusing on how to describe trends and statistics in IELTS writing task 1.

  • Weather conditions in different countries

    Author: Mike Furber

    Mike Furber wins the Lesson Share competition with this science-based activity.

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